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Become a Well Woman


What does it mean to be a well woman? It's a state of mind. It's caring for yourself and your health to be your best.


This is your time to become a well woman. Choose one of the ways below — or choose them all to make a difference in your life. Take the first step today!

Schedule a Well-Woman Visit

You should be seeing your doctor or health care provider every year for a checkup, even if you're feeling just fine. Regular well-woman checkups can detect problems before they become serious. For some conditions, like breast cancer, early detection can make a big difference in survival and recovery.


Eat Right

Care for yourself by caring about what you eat. Eating right isn't hard. It's about making a few simple choices, then making them part of your life. In turn, those choices will make your life better and longer.


Get Active

We were born to move. Making some kind of physical activity a part of your day, every day, is the best medicine for good health. And it's free. A brisk walk in the morning and evening can make all the difference to your weight, your blood pressure, and your happiness. So walk, run, dance, bike, swim or move any way you can to feel your best.


Care for Your Mind

Stress and sleep are big factors in your quality of life, and they affect your health, too. Make time for sleep, and be on the lookout for stress in your life. Once you recognize it, you've taken the first step toward dealing with it successfully. And don't forget to socialize. Taking time to sit down with real friends is a natural boost to health.


Build Habits Worth Living For

Take a good look at habits that may be working against your health. Quitting smoking is one of the best steps you can take toward being healthier and feeling better every day. Other small changes, like drinking less alcohol and always using a seatbelt, are your partners on the road to better health, and can add years to your life.


Better Health by Age

Every woman is different, with different health needs at different ages. Find the steps that are right for you.


More about empowering your health

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